Salt Therapy

What is salt therapy (halotherapy)?

Salt therapy (halotherapy), is the inhalation and exposure of the body to dry salt aerosol. The therapy is a completely natural and safe, clinically proven technique. The main function of the dry salt aerosol is to cleanse and disinfect the respiratory tract and skin. It has a beneficial effect on your well-being and is suitable for asmaticians, people with frequent colds and similar problems.

Salt therapy works by systematically blowing micron-sized particles of dry salt aerosol of pure rock salt into the salt room using a Halogenerator medical device, creating a microclimate of natural salt caves. Due to its physical and chemical properties, the dry salt aerosol has a very deep penetration and a major therapeutic effect. The dry salt aerosol creates a sterile, hypobacterial, negative ion-laden atmosphere in the salt room. The more negative ions, the more efficient the cell metabolism.

Salt therapies do not involve the consumption of salt. Only as much salt enters the digestive tract during salt therapy as is dissolved in the saliva during open-mouth breathing. As these amounts are negligible, salt therapies are also suitable for people whose personal doctor limits their daily salt intake. You are advised to consult your doctor about salt therapy.

What are the benefits of salt therapy?

Respiratory Aid

People of all ages are often exposed to a variety of stimuli, including allergens, air pollution and viruses. These everyday experiences can cause breathing problems and general discomfort. At times like these, salt therapy proves to be a natural cleansing mechanism that benefits all generations.

Antibacterial effect

The salt particles in the salt room air have natural antibacterial properties, which help reduce the risk of respiratory infections. They help strengthen the immune system and reduce susceptibility to various bacterial respiratory tract infections such as sinusitis, bronchitis and similar problems

Reducing Inflammation

Salt therapy helps to reduce inflammation in the airways, which is particularly helpful for individuals with asthma, allergic rhinitis and other respiratory problems. Reducing inflammation makes breathing easier and reduces symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath and nasal congestion.

Immune System Support

The microscopic salt particles you inhale during the therapy help to clear the airways, while also helping to improve energy and concentration. This helps you sleep better and improve your overall physical well-being. Salt therapy also has a positive effect on the skin, as it can help reduce the symptoms of various skin conditions

Halogenerator Prizsalt

Halogenerator Prizsalt is a dry salt aerosol generator designed for use in salt rooms. All parts in contact with the salt are made of high quality plastic or metal materials, which are resistant to salts, ensuring a long service life. The Prizsalt halogenerator is a registered medical device in the register of the Slovenian Medical Devices Agency and in the European Union register.



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