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Our story

We started the CST story out of sheer passion to help our daughter get healthy. After recurrent colds in her first year of kindergarten – which developed into bronchitis and a dependence on antibiotics and ventulin – we were desperate for healthier solutions. Ones that wouldn’t just suppress the symptoms.

It was then that, by a happy coincidence, we were introduced to salt therapy. The results were remarkable, which prompted us to set up the Center of Salt Therapy, with the desire to introduce this completely natural and clinically proven complementary therapy to as many people as possible. Our medical training and work in the healthcare sector has been a significant contributor to deepening the story of the Center of Salt Therapy and bringing it up to the highest standards of the profession. We are delighted that the benefits and effects of salt therapy are being recognised and increasingly recommended by paediatricians.

Every day, again and again, and with every visitor to the Center of Salt Therapy that we help to alleviate not only respiratory problems, but also skin problems – be they toddlers or adults, it reinforces our belief that we are doing the right things, the good things.

We have really refined our Center of Salt Therapy and our working method over almost a decade and brought it to a level where it is ready to be expanded and thus make this therapy available to a wider range of people. We have created a franchise business model and we invite you to join us in our mission: to help our clients with respiratory and skin hygiene and care, thus contributing to a better quality of life.

If you are ready to commit yourself to fulfilling your mission, please go through the description below and give us a call.

Sara & Rok, founders of CST and passionate advocates for the healing benefits and future of salt therapy

Center of Salt Therapy is the leading brand in salt therapy in Europe

Epitome of excellence – your trusted center of expertise, where our services set the benchmark for the highest standards and cutting-edge innovation. A hub of devoted professionals, ensuring a space of unwavering trust for our valued clients.


Salt therapies help not only with respiratory problems, but also with allergies and skin changes. In our CST logo we have therefore included 2 “organs”: the lungs and the skin.


PROBLEMS: Frequent colds and breathing difficulties -> Cleared lungs, easier breathing, improved overall respiratory health, improved immunity.


PROBLEMS: Allergic diseases and skin changes -> Calming or eliminating allergic skin conditions.

Why Center of Salt Therapy?

We are a centre of dedicated people, committed to the highest professional standards in the field of salt therapy. Together with franchise experts, we have refined our processes and created a model that guarantees success.

What makes CST special?

1. Efficient and personalised CST method

An in-depth approach that takes place in 3 phases: (1) CLEANING, (2) REGENERATION and (3) MAINTENANCE. From the initial or kick-off consultation, through interim follow-ups to longer-term monitoring or maintenance. Each step has been carefully broken down into effective processes.

2. We ensure standards of safety and hygiene that are above the industry average

Thoughtful design of salt rooms to ensure maximum safety for customers, and the highest standards of hygiene to minimise the possibility of transmitting viruses or bacteria.

3. We are the centre = salt therapy experts

Expertise, innovation and personalised & targeted salt therapy. We do not add wellness or beauty services to our services. For that, there are other experts. We are dedicated to what we are really experts in - salt therapy.

Key features and value of the CST franchise:

4. It is simple

We made a conscious decision to focus on one service - salt therapy - and become the best at it. The product is relatively simple, but of course it requires knowledge, which is the key to trust. The CST Academy provides you with all the knowledge you need on a turnkey basis. We have condensed all the necessary knowledge into a franchise operating manual for halotherapists.


We already have two successful locations and a decade of experience. A CST franchise increases your chances of business success because you are part of a successful team and a proven business model. In a competitive salt therapy market, you are better protected from direct competition in your area. The foundations of the system are well-defined processes and high quality of service, hygiene and safety - which is extremely important for customer confidence.

6. A turnkey franchise

You get everything you need on a turnkey basis. From assistance in finding a suitable location, supply and complete equipment of the salt rooms (including a medical halogenator certified to the highest standards), education and training of halotherapists, to business support. You work independently, but you are not alone.

Kaj vključuje franšiza CST?

Franchise Fee

Preparation of equipment and site

Training - CST Academy

Marketing & product development

Continuous support


Frequently asked questions

A medical degree is welcome but not a prerequisite -> we provide in-depth training in Halotherapy (our own CST ACADEMY). A dynamic personality with a healthy outlook on the world, a passion for learning and helping people, and a good knowledge of the local market and market opportunities is desirable.

The duration of the franchise licence is 7 years, renewable.

CST offers in-depth and comprehensive education and training – both for the CST centre manager and the halotherapist. The training takes place at one of CST’s own locations (Ljubljana). At the same time, we offer you all the support you need to equip your location (basic furniture – design), and of course we take over the equipment of the salt rooms (including the medical device halogenator, which is certified according to the highest standards), and the start-up of the business (business management and marketing).

Yes. Our team will guide you through the entire process of preparing and launching your site, and will be at your disposal even during your regular business hours. In addition, we keep in touch regularly to introduce new developments – as a Salt Therapy Centre, we are constantly monitoring trends and innovations, both in the treatments themselves and in the technologies. At the same time, you are included in the marketing network of CST centres.

We are happy to explain the details of the investment and – crucially – when you will see a return on your investment (what kind of income you can expect). The costs (except for the franchise fee and services – which is one-off and fixed) depend on the specifics of the location (how much you need to invest in the renovation or the equipment of the location itself). The price of the equipment of the Salt Room is fixed, and we will be happy to give you a quote for the equipment of the Salt Room (the price of the Salt Room).

Franchising is a system of marketing goods or services based on close and continuous cooperation between legally and financially separate and independent companies: the franchisor (franchisor) and the individual franchisees (franchisees). In franchising, the franchisor sells a successful, refined and proven business model that it has previously developed and tested in practice. The franchisee thus enters a proven and therefore less risky business model, where he or she receives all the franchisor’s know-how along with a recognised brand. For this, the franchisee pays a joining fee (franchise licence).

The franchisor gives the individual franchises the right, but also imposes on them the obligation, to operate in accordance with the franchisor’s concept. This right and duty authorises – and obliges – each franchisee to use the franchisor’s name and trademark, know-how and other rights arising from the franchise agreement. In doing so, the franchisor shall provide them with ongoing business support, in the manner and for the duration set out in the franchise agreement concluded between the franchisor and the franchisee to that end.

The franchisor undertakes to provide ongoing support to the franchisee and to continue to develop the franchise system and the necessary support to the franchisee, and the franchisee undertakes to properly implement the overall concept of the system and also to recognise its responsibility for the overall system.
The success of the franchise is also the success of the franchisor. Only if the franchise is successful will the business be profitable and successful for the franchisor.

CST is a member of the Association of Slovenian Franchise Companies, which ensures the credibility of the franchise business model and provides a guarantee to partners of an ethical way of doing business