Frequently Asked Questions and Salt Room Rules & Protocol


During salt therapy, the dry salt aerosol is inhaled, which means that the salt enters the respiratory system and not the stomach, heart or kidneys. The concentration of salt aerosol in the salt room is 3 to 5 mg per m3. The recommended salt intake per day is 6g. That is to say, the amount of salt that we inhale or that dissolves in our saliva during breathing is very small. Therefore, salt therapy is also suitable for people who have health restrictions on their salt intake.

Salt therapy is a 100% natural and safe way to improve your condition. It has no side effects on the body, the only thing is that it makes our skin look better. If you have a lot of excess mucus in your body, it is possible that you cough more after the therapy. This is the body’s natural response to salt therapy, which causes the accumulated mucus to be discharged from the body.

Of course. Salt therapy is a completely safe and natural method. It is suitable for children from 6 months of age up to people of a mature age. Learn more about salt therapy for children.

It depends on each individual, on their current situation. Generally speaking, between 12 and 15 therapies are needed. It is best to repeat the salt therapy within 48 to 72 hours after the first treatment. The effects of salt therapy can be felt after the first treatment, but a series of treatments is necessary for optimal long-term results.

When you enter the salt room, you will feel like you are in a salt cave. The walls, ceiling and floor are covered with organic salt. The humidity in the room is between 40 and 55%, and the room temperature is between 21 and 23 C. In the adult salt room, there are comfortable armchairs for adults to sit or lie on. In the salt room you are exposed to the soothing effects of dry salt aerosol, which is sprayed into the salt room in a controlled way by a medical device called a halogenerator. Chromotherapy (colour therapy) is also provided. During the therapy you can listen to soothing music, meditate, read or talk. The basic therapy for adults lasts 40 min, the adult detoxification 60 min. The salt room for children has cute seats for parents, a table, chairs for children and a salt tent. Children can play in the salt sandpit, listen to songs, stories, read, draw or look for the salt fairy and the elf. There is also colour therapy in the children’s room, which the children love. The basic therapy for children lasts 20 min, and the play sessions for healthy children, to support the immune system, last 55 min.

No. One of the natural properties of salt is that it absorbs bacteria and viruses. The salt room is completely surrounded by salt, creating a sterile environment. In addition, each treatment is followed by 10 minutes of air ventilation. All non-salt surfaces in the room are cleaned and disinfected with a disinfectant.

Come to the salt therapy clean, wearing clean clothes. For children’s therapy, you are in your own clothes and only bring fresh socks. For adult salt therapy you will need a bathrobe and towel. You can bring your own or borrow one from us.

We do not recommend using electronic devices during salt therapy. This is because the dry salt aerosol can destroy your device. In addition, electronic devices can upset the balance of negative ions in the room, which also have a therapeutic effect on the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Salt Room Rules & Protocol

In addition to the antibacterial action of the salt, hygienic safety is ensured by the disposable protective equipment listed. After each treatment, the air is purified by running the fans vigorously for 10 minutes to prepare the room for the next treatment. Toys are cleaned and disinfected separately for each child.


Please arrive at the Center of Salt Therapy on time, at the agreed time.


Come to your treatment clean, in clean clothes, with a pair of clean socks.


After logging in to our system, you will have access to an app where you can keep track of your bookings (date, time).


Wait for the staff to meet you, escort you to the cloakroom and give you further instructions.


Leave all personal items in the cloakroom and switch off mobile phones or any electronic devices.


Be sure to wear protective bags, use a protective cap.


Food and drinks are not allowed in the salt rooms.


For adult therapy, sit back in the armchairs and let the therapy work.


Parents accompanying children under 10 years of age should make sure that they do not throw salt on themselves, as it can get into the eye and cause burning and irritation.


Children do not bring their own toys to the salt rooms, they get them from the staff.


Use the toilet facilities if necessary before starting salt therapy.


Do not leave the salt rooms during the therapy.


If necessary and if you wish, the therapist will bring you a blanket.


After the treatment, the staff will escort you from the salt rooms to the changing room, where you will remove your protective clothing.

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