Salt therapy and Ancient Greece

Salt therapy is a practice that has deep roots in history, particularly in Ancient Greece. Greek culture was known for its interest in the natural elements and the healing power of nature. Salt therapy, which involves the use of salt for medicinal purposes, was widely recognised and used in antiquity. In this article we will […]

Sea and salt

Sea and salt have been known for their therapeutic properties for centuries. People have always turned to sea water and salt to improve their health and well-being. In this article, we will explore how sea and salt can benefit our bodies for therapeutic purposes. Seawater and its therapeutic properties: Seawater is rich in minerals such […]

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For the Salt Therapy Center – CST, this year marks a new chapter after 9 years of operation at the Podutik location. Specifically, CST Podutik is set to give birth to CST Bežigrad.